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English tunes practice sessions with Spare Parts Concertina Band

10.00 - 11.30 Yelde Hall

The tunes are :-

Saturday 28th. May

Midnight on the Water 3/4 D
Roman Wall 6/8 G
Valentine 6/8 G
Good Old Way 4/4 E minor
Alexandra Park 4/4 G
Tanner Man 4/4 G

Sunday 29th. May

Lunch at the Pub 4/4 D
Traveller's Joy 2/4 G
Garyowen 6/8 D
Louth Quickstep 4/4 G
Market Rasen Quickstep 4/4 G
Up The Sides and Down The Middle 6/8 D

Monday 30th. May

Battle of the Somme 9/8 G
Rig-a-Jig 6/8 G
Steamboat Hornpipe 4/4 G
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine 4/4 D
Jack Robinson 4/4 G
Squirrel in the Tree 6/8 D
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